Board Game Manufacture

Prof. Plum in the Pantry!

Everyone loves a board game, but we actually love making them!


We have produced bespoke board games which run into 100’s of individual parts per set, so we like to think we know what we’re doing.

Board game manufacture in the UK is a tricky one. Our manufacturing process is second to none, but our overheads mean that we simply cannot compete with the likes of China/India.

Our specialism is within low-run board games, usually ranging between 300 and 5000 units. We often work with corporate bodies, who need training products or educational tools.

At these low run-lengths quality is high, and unit costs usually span between £10 a unit through to £150+ a unit, depending on spec and complexity. We supply complete jobs, including boards, boxes, components, cards and instructions.

Please Note: Due to huge demand on our board game services, only enquiries that are aware of the potential costs of producing bespoke board games can be responded to. As a helpful example, the following costs are based on ‘average size’ board games we’ve previously produced:

300 units = £35 per unit
500 units = £30 per unit
1000 units = £20 per unit
2000 units = £15 per unit

(All costs mentioned are +VAT)

Don’t take a ‘chance’ – email us your specification today to discuss your board game printing requirements.