how it works sky

Like Montell said, this is how we do it…

Knowledge is power!

Printing is not rocket science, but it does involve a lot of complicated alchemy not to mention a plethora of confusing industry terminology. We have built up a vast amount of print knowledge, which is invaluable to our customers. It allows us to foresee any problems, reduce your print costs and it gives you the additional security of a middle-man who will fight your corner if anything does go wrong.

Reducing your costs

Our experience has lead us to finding out which printers are the quickest, who is the cheapest and who is the best technically. This knowledge saves you time, and ultimately money. If two printers are equally as proficient we will always look to compare, compete and negotiate on your behalf to ensure you get the best possible outcome, within budget and on time.


Sharing the load

A way to make sure you get the cheapest print possible is to combine your print run with that of our other clients. Our customers print hundreds of documents every month, now if they are being printed on the same paper stock we will plan them up on the same sheet as your documents, which greatly reduces the set-up and sheet cost, saving both clients money!